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water tube steam boiler

The pace of development in the last century , the need for high pressure boilers and for some reason , sometimes along explosions has disastrous . Boilers and steam boilers , pressure vessels , including those with large diameters , the internal pressure , stress on the walls of the container were expanded . The tension ring is well known that the stress is calculated according to the following formula :

f = (P × D) / (2T

In which :

Tensions within the ring diameter D f

Metal thickness and internal pressure P T

( All variables in the system unit. )

It is noted that a certain tension f, D increased with increasing boiler capacity , the T should be increased . Moreover, P pressure boilers (boilers ) or D it is necessary to decrease or increase the value of T f in remain acceptable . As T increases, charges and other costs also increase. The most interesting option is reduced by the D -tube boiler - water . Water in the boiler , the hot gases of the outer surface of the pipe flow and pipe flow .

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